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Fort Meade Give Back Program

The Fort Meade Give Back Program was created to generate additional revenue for the Family¸ Morale, Welfare and Recreation (FMWR) Directorate through the collection and resale of used books. Now you can turn your unneeded books into much needed services and support for the Fort Meade family. The more books you help collect and put in the bins that will be located on Fort Meade, the more FMWR is able to assist the service men and women, government civilians and families that they support.

Donating your books provide many benefits and the process is very simple

You drop your books into the bin, Each book is catalogued and sold through multiple websites around the world, Proceeds are directed back to FMWR to help them continue to execute the many generous programs for the Fort Meade Family they support including: Child Care, Youth Sports, Fitness Centers, Emergency Family Services, Arts and Crafts Center - And many other services.

Bin locations

Give Back bins are located on base around Fort Meade at the PX, Commissary, Gaffney Fitness Center, Potomac Place Community Center and School Age Care Center.

Protecting our Environment

In addition to supporting the Fort Meade Family through FMWR, GiveBack also help get books to the people who need them and helps prevent these valuable resources from ending up in our landfills.

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Bin locations can be found at the PX, Commissary, Gaffney Fitness Center, Potomac Place Community Center and School Age Care Center!

About Far Corner, Inc.

Far Corner helps its partners access unparalleled solutions in technology, logistics, and ecommerce. From its start as a marketer and publisher of educational materials, this Columbia MD based company has been committed to charitable causes and has made the Give Back Program one of its top priorities.

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